We are going to take a quick break for the holiday season so our next update will be January 8th 2016.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a successful year! Thank you to all our readers who have stayed along, new readers who just got on board, readers who have donated to patreon and everyone we got to see in person this year and talk to online. In retrospect it been a very insane and full year for us, thanks for being a part of it and hopefully next year is bigger and better than ever!

And HEY our second anniversary is coming up on January 3rd! We are gonna host a private party for the even on the 2nd of January and if you wanna get a peek into us being drunk and celebratory you should sign up for Patreon cause we are gonna do a stream during the party. Also we are doing THREE streams before the new year so you should consider joining us!

Happy Holidays everyone!