The question on everyone’s minds…’Is Mr Bear back?’ sort of, if you squint. Also there’s Mason for all you Mason lovers out there.
And Chloe. Jeez Chloe, don’t be so rude.

We still have our giveaway happening on our official tumblr! The giveaway ends on June 13th so reblog the post to get yourself a chance to win a signed print and personal character sketch! Woo!

Also don’t forget to check out Always Sometimes Monsters on steam this week! As Rifa said “The game is an RPG where all your decision make massive impacts on yourself and people around you. You are able to play as different races, genders and sexual preferences and the characters in game will treat you differently based on it. Between this and your decision making, every play through and path will be drastically different.”

It’s super rad, our comic actually shows up in the game (a few of Boss’ pages!) and you can read it IN THE GAME as your character! Neato
Go check it out guys. Thanks for your rad and ongoing support of our horrible murderers!