*Spoiler Warning: Cast is updated as characters are introduced in the comic, if you are not up-to-date you may have characters and plot points spoiled for you. Proceed with caution


An independent assassination contract group – You pay and they will get the right hit man to end the lives of your enemies.


Lawrence Conti / Speciality: Chemistry

The last remaining member of the once infamous Conti crime family – Now a chem student turned rookie assassin.


Cameron Reyes / Speciality: Connections

Founded Icarus after the fall of the Conti family, previously a trusted friend of the Conti crime empire.


Chloe / Speciality: Sniper Rifles

The unofficial leader of Icarus – Expert marksman and hardened assassin.



Mason / Speciality: Espionage

Charismatic English assassin who showed up in Acropolis a couple years ago. There are plenty of rumors about him, not as many known facts.


Charlie Young / Speciality: Kamikaze Shoot-Outs

Mason’s constant partner-in-crime. Not much is known about him aside from his kill count and the suspiciously tight leash Mason keeps him on.



Mr. Bear / Speciality: Cuddling

A 20 year old stuffed animal.


A massive organization combining all of the smaller gangs of Acropolis into one super gang that controls most of the city. Built out of the ruins of the Conti empire after The Boss and Bobby killed the Conti family.

The Boss / Speciality: Terror and Surgical Executions

The widely feared leader of The Collective… its said that those who enter his basement leave in pieces.


Bobby / Speciality: Brass Knuckles and Blunt Force Trauma

Number 2 in The Collective, Bobby runs the gang from behind the scenes while making time for his criminal ‘hobbies’.


Omar / Speciality: Information and Small Arms

The General and head of recruitment in the Collective, knows Bobby from way back.



The last remaining mafia family in Acropolis – The once powerful group is now suffering in the opposing shadow of The Collective, losing connections and territory as more people join their enemy.

Franky Battaglia / Speciality: Mafia Royalty

Bred and raised to take the reins as leader of the Battaglia family and eager to prove he can handle it, even as the family falls apart around him


Leon Battaglia / Speciality: Unknown


Pike Piccoli / Speciality: Information & Lies

Cousin twice removed from the Battaglia family, Pike is extremely eager to get in with the family and prove his worth. This is super annoying to everyone but time and time again his information proves valuable.

Thomas Volkov / Speciality: The Acropolis Strangler

Pike’s serial-killer room mate who gets dragged along on Pike’s schemes. While his preference is to strangle people in back alleys he humors Pike’s plans to try and make him a mafia hit man.


Hugo Battaglia / Speciality: Little League & Minecraft

Youngest son of the Don, 10-year-old Hugo is not as oblivious to his family’s business as they think he is. But his focus is more on gaming than on whatever fucked up stuff is happening.


Rosella “Momma” Battaglia / Speciality: Mother

Wife of The Don and mother of the Battaglia children. Holds more influence and power than most realize – she believes behind every powerful man is a more powerful woman.




Working under the Collective the Clean Up Crew get called in to clean all sorts of unsightly… messes. They operate as a budget landscaping company which delivers more perks than one might expect.

moswen Moswen / Specialty:  Head Landscaper

Head of the Clean Up Crew and possibly the only member who actually takes the gardening portion of their business seriously.



 Paul / Specialty: Drunken Commentary

Its hard not to abuse alcohol when your day job includes putting body parts in a meat grinder.

pavlo Pavlo / Specialty: All the drugs

We are pretty serious when we say ‘all the drugs’.

4 (1)Although its very rare there are a few people operating and existing in Acropolis who have no gang or mafia loyalties.


Noble Perez / Speciality: Arms Dealing & Smuggling

Noble showed up in Acropolis some years ago and set up semi-permanent shop dealing guns and various other goods. While he spends most of his days smoking pot and watching day time tv those in the know suggest he’s more than he seems.



Chi Chi / Speciality: Bird

Chi Chi knows lots of bad words and popular Spanish songs and is very opinionated and outgoing.