Lawrence Conti had left his home town of Acropolis to study chemistry and, more importantly, to escape the violent life of organized crime his father expected him to inherit. After losing contact with his family he reluctantly returns to discover he is now the last living member of the Conti Family and sets out to (maybe, possibly, probably not actually?) avenge the murder of his parents.

The city of Acropolis’ crime world is now almost completely under the control of The Collective with only the Battaglia family left operating outside of their boundaries. With the independent assassin group Icarus  working for profit between them the landscape of the crime world is not the one Lawrence grew up with and most now learn to survive in as the Last Conti.

Please note GREY is intended for mature audiences and (will) contain violence, langauge and sexual themes not everyone will be comfortable with.

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Alex ‘Mana’ Reeder / Speciality: Art, tea brewing, gentleman observer
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Alex is the artist, he draws the pages.  He also obsessively draws images five times while drinking fancy tea and watching videos of dogs cooking Japanese meals.

Alex lives in secret outside Vancouver BC

Danae ‘Rifa’ Wilding / Speciality: Words, hurting feelings, literature peddler
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Danae writes the comic, she stares out the window and asks herself ‘why’. She also bangs her head against walls and lies on floors groaning like most writers do.

Danae lives with a mischief in Vancouver BC



The creators would like to acknowledge the following people for supporting us and helping to make GREY happen:

  • Our family and friends for being insanely supportive of our comic about murderers, giving us everything from encourgement to our physical living bodies.
  • Donna Brockopp for being an amazing mentor and teacher and beta reader (and mom also I guess)
  • Michelle McDonald for putting up with our shit and designing our website
  • Angelique Allene for beta reading and listening to writerly feels
  • Everyone existing in the internet who has supported us, reblogged, liked, and shared our promos and progress. Bless you mysterious internet beings.



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